New Data From Ichilov Hospital: A drop in the number of live births starting 9 months after the beginning of vaccine rollout.

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Faced with numerous reports of menstrual cycle disruptions following mRNA vaccination, health authorities have claimed that even if there is a rise in complaints, it’s only temporary discomfort. However, new data released by Ichilov show a drop in the number of live births, beginning exactly 9 months after the vaccine rollout began.

The Pfizer Vaccine Trial Was Not Double Blind

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As people being digging into the detailed records of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine trial released by the FDA, there is something they need to understand about how the trial was run.

Anatomy of concealment: Skeletal deformities and double abortion rate in Pfizer's animal studies; In women, almost all pregnancies in Pfizer's April 2021 report with known outcome ended in fetal death

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Documents obtained through FOI Act in the US and Australia reveal: The FDA ignored the serious findings and did not require the company to perform further toxicity tests. The findings were concealed and the vaccine was classified as safe for use in pregnancy

The Israeli Ministry of Health Actually Did a Survey of Adverse Events after The Booster Dose - and it's absolutely devastating

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The Israeli Ministry of Health (MoH) conducted a survey of about 2000 people 3-4 weeks after they received the third (booster) Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, asking them about adverse events they experienced. The results are absolutely devastating to the COVID-19 vaccine program and the push for vaccine mandates